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Orvis Cattle Company (OC) is one of the premiere seedstock producers for the Hereford cattle industry. Located at the historic Snow Ranch in the northern corner Stanislaus County, California, OC bulls set the standard for purebred Hereford bulls in the U.S...

We are also selling grass fed beef on the Orvis Ranch Beef Website. Get some of the best homegrown beef in the area.

OC Bulls are performing under the toughest commercial cattle conditions in California, Oregon, Nevada, and Mexico.

  • Oldest Hereford Herd in California (founded in 1918).
  • Designated "Historic California Hereford Herd".
  • Performance testing since 1952.
  • Ultra-sound testing since 1987 for rib eye, back fat, and marbling.
  • Herd has produced both individual and pen sale champions.
  • Calves grown without creep feed, bulls conditioned on grass up to 14 months old, and then are further developed on 20 acre fields on high-roughage ration, developing growth and muscling at the ranch.
  • Johne's disease test pioneers - negative every year.

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